Boost Your 2021 Web Design Adelaide Strategy With 2 of the Most Important Trends to Follow


Discover what strategies web designers are using to design their websites and how these growing trends are becoming the norm for web design in 2021 and beyond.



Web design is an ever-changing digital concept. Every year, the world experiences remarkable and dramatic shifts in the digital design sphere. As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed most people in quarantine, web design experts delved deeper into what’s making the digital world turn. These professionals have risen to the occasion by exploring and exhausting multiple design avenues to find the best of the best in a particular period.


This year, web design Adelaide trends have shifted yet again. Whether it’s fresh, new designs or reviving old ones, we take a look at two of the most important trends that many web design experts are exploiting.



The people over at expect to see dominance in minimalism across all design mediums this year and beyond. From the first month of 2021 leading to today, the firm noticed multiple minimalism trends while looking at logo design, product design, and packaging design.


Web design is also following the same minimalist trend this year. “We also noticed that several of our web design projects involved using only essential elements,” says a representative from “Typefaces and simple text, plenty of blank space, mono- or duo-chrome colour palettes, and overall simple graphics.”


All of these are elements that make up a minimalist design. One of the main reasons for its popularity this year is the increasing number of people accessing websites via their mobile devices. A minimalist web design allows for a cleaner and clearer website to look good on small screens and large monitors.


Interactive Landing Pages

The onboarding process plays a vital role in turning random site visitors into returning customers. Your landing page is the undisputed start of your entire onboarding process. It shows your potential customers what you are offering and convinces them to purchase or do something you want them to do.


However, to be effective, your landing page needs to be eye-catching and unique. No one wants to see a boring and lifeless landing page. Create strong landing pages by adding several interactive elements. For example, you can add a creative and interactive questionnaire or quizzes to increase interest and give them more reasons to stay on your landing page longer.


Check out Adobe Create’s “My Creative Types” website. The entire landing page is a fun and interactive quiz that determines your creative personality. Following prompts, you’ll answer 15 simple questions about yourself. In the end, the site will tell you which of the eight creative types you fall under (Artist, Adventurer, Dreamer, Innovator, Maker, Producer, Thinker, or Visionary).


Adobe’s is just one of the thousands of unique landing pages and other web design Adelaide trends that will take over in 2021.